Creating an embedded system with an attractive, compelling, user-friendly HMI is no longer the exception, it is the expectation. But designing a beautiful user interface is only half the battle. The real trouble comes when trying to connect traditional bread-and-butter embedded components to that HMI frosting.

Join QNX Software Systems and Teknision for a webinar that examines some solid fundamentals behind good HMI design. It further explores how to connect the HMI to lower-level components in detail, showing how straightforward that can become with the right design in a complete soup-to-nuts implementation for a simple sample.

Duration: 1 hour, including Q & A.

Who should attend: This seminar is best suited for embedded software development managers, architects, and developers.

Andy Gryc has been a software developer and designer for over 20 years. He’s worked at companies large and small with a diverse range of responsibilities in embedded software development and consulting. His accomplishments include: Designer of the HP100LX/HP200LX palmtop database and GUI, and the HP Omnibook Notebook BIOS; and the lead embedded software architect at OnStar. Andy has held the position of World-wide Automotive Field Application Engineer and currently works as Product Marketing Manager, both at QNX Software Systems.

Tony MacDonell is a UX designer with over ten years of experience developing applications for the Adobe Flash Player. He is a founder and development lead at Teknision Inc, and has produced award winning rich internet applications for companies including: Finetune, Walmart, Radian6, Mightyverse, Adobe, PermissionTV, Digital Tutors, Konductor, BzzAgent, and many more. Tony has extensive experience developing for the Flash Player on embedded and integrated environments working with companies such as QNX, Northcode, Intel, and Adobe's Open Screen project. These projects yielded applications that were developed once and run on almost anything, such as desktops, web browsers, phones, MID devices, television sets, etc.