Exponential growth in mobile data has fuelled enormous interest in 4G wireless technology such as LTE. However, the increased processing constraints placed provide a significant challenge in meeting the dual imperatives of base station cost and power reduction. This webcast will describe how Xilinx FPGAs and IP help resolve these issues, providing a scalable and reconfigurable platform for base station development

In this webcast, people will learn:

  • How to future-proof designs through the use of a scalable, reconfigurable architecture
  • How to reduce cost, dissipation and form factor
  • How parallelism of Xilinx FPGAs can help differentiate products through the implementation of advanced receiver techniques

Mark Quartermain, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Communications Business Unit
Mark Quartermain is a senior product marketing manager at Xilinx and is responsible for wireless baseband product strategy. He has 20 years of experience in the digital signal processing domain in multiple functions including design, applications and marketing. His design experience includes work on CDMA systems and radar beam forming. Prior to joining Xilinx, Mark was responsible for DSP product marketing at Freescale. Mark holds a BSc (Hons.) degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Surrey, UK.