Whether your design goals are lowest distortion and noise, ultra-low power, lowest power at maximum throughput, or design for full-scale step response, when it comes to precision SAR ADC data acquisition circuits, the biggest obstacle to achieving the desired results lies in the careful design of the ADC driver and reference circuitry.

This webinar will provide a deep dive into the theory, calculation, simulation, and validation methodologies used to design and verify high-precision SAR ADC driver and reference circuits. Technical experts from Avnet and TI will demonstrate key concepts using a real example design of an 18-bit, 1MSPS data acquisition block optimized for lowest distortion and noise.

Discussion Topics:

  • The Story: Getting the most out of your SAR ADC Design
  • The Tool: TI Precision Designs
  • The Product: ADS888x/ADS886x
  • The Resources: Review of available development tools, technical documentation, reference designs and third-party programs.

Event Offer – Exclusively Available to Webinar Attendees

For a limited time, Avnet and TI are offering a free 18-bit SAR ADC Data Acquisition Quickstart Kit. To qualify, simply register for the event and then attend either the live or on-demand version. The Quickstart Kit covers theory, design, simulation, PCB layout files and test results. We’ll even provide a few samples to get you going. In addition, several popular SAR ADC EVMs will be offered at deep discounts.

About the Speakers:

Matt Brown,
Global Technical Marketing Manager, Avnet Electronics Marketing

Matt Brown is a global technical marketing manager for Avnet’s Electronics Marketing Group, focused on accelerating adoption of new technology for video, image, and digital signal processing applications. Current projects include embedded motor control and machine vision, reference designs, and worldwide customer training. Matt’s career started at Motorola designing hardware for the Iridium™ satellite phone. He later consulted on signal chain design and high-performance algorithm implementation in FPGAs as a field applications engineer at Memec Insight, Memec and Avnet. Matt has a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan, and several postgraduate courses in wireless communications.

Marc Royer,
WW Precision Analog Product Marketing Manager, Texas Instruments

Marc Royer is the World Wide Marketing and Business Development Manager for Texas Instruments Precision Analog Business. He has served in various roles throughout his 10 year career at Texas Instruments including Digital Design Engineer, and Design Manager. He holds a BSEE from University of Miami, a MSEE from the University Tennessee Knoxville, and a MBA from the University of Texas at Dallas. Marc is also the author of three US Patents.