Damage by electrostatic discharge is a
permanent threat to valuable electronics, requiring robust protection solutions.
In this webinar is presented:

  • Methodology for a systematic ESD protection design
  • Key performance parameters of ESD protection devices
  • Latest developments to meet the challenge of protecting high data-rate ICs

Duration: 45 Minutes

Prerequisites: Basics of
semiconductor devices and circuitry.

Attendees will

  • A methodology enabling systematic ESD design
  • Understand ESD devices key performance parameters
  • Learn to know latest developments in ESD protection devices

Who should attend:

  • Application Engineers
  • Design Engineers
  • Test Engineers
  • Product Managers

Kim Lee,
Applications Engineer, Infineon, North America

Kim Lee has worked in
the electronics industry professionally for over 26 years. He currently serves
as Applications Engineer supporting Infineon’s ESD related issues for North
America and manages the ESD Test Lab in Milpitas, CA.

He graduated Northeastern University and attended University of California at
Berkeley. For over 20 years he has been involved with ESD, from component to
system level as well as many years with lightning surge, power fault and other
safety hazards in the datacom and telecom applications.

Kim has a diverse background from IC/Hybrid Design, IC Product & Test
Engineering, Applications Engineering supporting mixed signal products from
ADC/DACs, DFE/AFEs, and interface products for datacom/telecom applications to
discrete components and amplifiers.