This webinar covers the design recommendations for the latest Intel® Atom™ processor E6xx B-1 stepping-based platform. Details of the enhancements in B1 associated with board, BIOS and driver change will be provided as well. All embedded developers and product/program managers who would like to find out the next level detail of the Intel Atom processor E6xx series are highly encouraged to participate in this webinar.

Attendees will learn:
What changes are associated with hardware, BIOS and drivers to speed for latest B1 stepping to speed up the production ramping for B1 customers for the Intel Atom processor E6xx.

Who should attend:
This webinar is structured for embedded design engineers who already have knowledge of B-0 stepping and have developed prototypes with B-0.

Gary Wong, Low-power Embedded Products Division, Intel
Gary has spent 13 years with Intel with the last 3 years working and leading the Technical Marketing customer enabling efforts for Intel Atom E6xx processor. He has been working closely with major customers, engineering and board manufacturers, as well as involving in the implementation and deployment activities. Gary has assumed many different technical and program management roles spanning across the different departments of development, validation and marketing at Intel. 

Drew Pool, SW Product Marketing Engineer, Low-power Embedded Products Division, Intel
Drew has made huge contributions in the Intel Atom processor E6xx product marketing team in a short amount of time by focusing on bringing the latest SW needs to customers. Drew comes from a background in technical marketing and holds a masters degree in international business.