Ethernet is being touted as the final wide area networking (WAN) protocol, already replacing Frame Relay, ATM and even SONET. Service providers can't expand availability fast enough. But, in their rush to bring Ethernet to the masses, they are creating services that – although they look the same on the outside – are very different on the inside.

How do you tell these new services apart? How do you decide which will work best for you, in both your metro and national networks?

This webinar is part three of Level 3 Communications' continuing series of events discussing how business are dealing with the IT budget squeeze and how you can turn difficult choices into measurable success.

You will Learn :
Attend this webinar to learn what's inside the Ethernet cloud and how to better distinguish between seemingly similar Ethernet services. We will review service definitions established by the Metro Ethernet Forum and describe how these are being implemented in the telecommunications network. We'll examine ways that businesses are using Ethernet to gain better scalability, more efficiency and to future proof their networks. Learn what questions to ask your service provider so you can maximize the flexibility and benefits of Ethernet for your business.

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