Today, Ethernet interfaces can be found on practically any telecommunication service ranging from simple LAN extension to high speed, dedicated DWDM services. They’re easy to leverage, even with limited knowledge of the underlying technology that connects the end points together.

However, not every Ethernet service performs in the same way. Each has its unique operations characteristics and, more importantly, each supports different service levels. As the applications your networks support become more complicated, it’s important to understand the difference between a 1 Gig Ethernet Private Line connection and a 1 Gig MPLS service, not to mention when one solution will deliver more value than another.

Attendees will learn:
Attend this event to learn about the different characteristics of the technologies used to build Carrier Ethernet services. Specific emphasis will be placed on the typical SLA metrics used with these technologies.

Michael Anderson, Product Marketing Manager, Level 3 Communications
Michael Anderson is a Product Marketing Manager for Level 3 Communications, and is responsible for Level 3's Ethernet product marketing strategy. Mr. Anderson has worked in the Telecommunications industry for over twenty years in a wide range of roles including IT, network operations, software development, product management and marketing.