Software development and debugging go hand in
hand, thus developers need all the debugging advantages they can get. The
Virtualizer™ Toolset from Synopsys addresses the increasing development
challenges associated with software-rich semiconductor and electronic products,
enabling companies to accelerate both the development and deployment of virtual
prototypes. Getting a head start on software development using virtual
prototypes accelerates time to market and increases debug and analysis
efficiency through system-level software debug and analysis, ultimately
increasing product quality. All this while still using a familiar software
development environment like the Lauterbach TRACE32 debugger. No disruptions
only increased visibility and control with the additional views and tools that a
virtual prototype provides.

In this webinar, you will be introduced to
the Lauterbach TRACE32 development tool and its seamless integration with
Virtualizer, supporting a broad set of debugging capabilities for virtual
prototypes. Specifically, we will highlight how using a virtual prototype as a
target enables TRACE32 users to conduct non-intrusive multi-cluster debugging on
an ARM® big.LITTLE™ processing system. The webinar will highlight how virtual
prototypes enable a software developer to use familiar tools to work with a
virtual prototype and to experience co-debugging system hardware along with

Duration: 45 minutes (includes Q&A)

What you will learn:

  • Plug and play integration of Virtualizer with TRACE32
  • Non-intrusive debugging of multiple CPU clusters with TRACE32 by means of a
    big.LITTLE™ processing system
  • Co-debugging and analysis of system hardware including a hypervisor and the
    Linux operating system
  • Debugging during transient system states such as power down and power up

Who should attend:

  • Embedded Software Developers for ARM-Based Designs
  • Users of Lauterbach Development Tools

Nohl, Solution Architect, Synopsys

Achim Nohl is a Solution
Architect at Synopsys, driving the adoption of virtual prototypes for software
development and verification. Achim holds a degree in Electrical Engineering
from the Institute for Integrated Signal Processing Systems in Aachen, Germany.

Flake, Western Regional Sales/Support Manager, Lauterbach

With over
24 years of experience in the development tools industry, Jerry’s early years of
experience included hardware and software In-Circuit-Emulator design at
Microcosm/Microtek International. During his tenure at Microtek Intl., Jerry
made his transition to Applications/Support Engineering, and eventually to a
position as Field Applications Engineer, USA West. For the past 14+ years, Jerry
has worked as Lauterbach’s Western Regional Sales/Support Manager, handling
Sales and front-line support for the region west of the Mississippi. This
includes the sales/support of Lauterbach’s expansive array of leading edge
debuggers and in-circuit-emulators.