Approximately 20% of the global electrical energy is consumed by lighting applications. The trend toward energy-efficient lighting is apparent and requires both efficient light-source technologies and electronic components. The continued technological advances in LED chip and manufacturing technologies promise significant improvements of luminous LED efficacies and cost/lumen metrics over the next decade. At present LEDs are adopted on a broad scale in residential, commercial, industrial and outdoor lighting applications as they offer the greatest potential for energy efficient lighting combined with environmental friendliness. For proper operation and maximum lifetime, LEDs need to be supplied with a constant current, which is the main task of a LED driver. Infineon LED drivers additionally offer advanced features such as thermal protection, PWM dimming. LED controllers with external power stages offer maximum design flexibility.

Application of interest:

  • LED lighting
  • General lighting

Who should attend:

  • Design engineers
  • Applications engineers
  • Product managers

Attendees will learn

  • Benefits of linear regulators and their limitations
  • Benefits of switch mode LED driver IC and additional features
  • How to select the right component fitting to your needs

Thomas Hutsteiner, Product Marketing Manager for Lighting ICs, Infineon Technologies AG, Munich
Thomas has worked in the semiconductor industry professionally for over 11 years. In his current position is responsible as marketer for lighting IC with a focus on DC/DC and AC mains powered LED driver ICs. He has diverse background in the lighting industry from his former marketing position at Osram Opto Semiconductors.