This webcast will explore ADI’s high speed ADC behavioral modeling tool ADIsimADC. You’ll learn qualitatively how ADIsimADC models ADC, understand when and where ADIsimADC is useful, and how to use it to facilitate rapid product evaluation and system prototyping. By understanding the role ADIsimADC plays in a system’s design timeline and leveraging its strengths, engineers will be empowered to more quickly find the right converter for their application, learn how ADC distortion affects system performance, and be able to simulate system level performance with greater levels of accurately to build confidence and reduce risk.

Topics to be covered in this presentation will include but are not limited to:

  • What behavioral modeling is
  • What behavioral modeling is not
  • What is ADIsimADC?
  • How accurate is ADIsimADC?
  • Where can I use ADIsimADC?
  • What is the future roadmap for ADIsimADC and future related products?

Who should attend:

Engineers that are involved in design or system level support.

Tom MacLeod, Applications/Software Engineer for High Speed Converters
Tom MacLeod is an applications and software engineer who works with the high speed ADC team within ADI. Tom joined Analog Devices in 2003 after earning his BSEE at North Carolina State University in 2002. He participates in many aspects (in varying degrees) of high speed ADC evaluation and support. He also authored and maintains ADIsimADC, ADI’s behavioral modeling tool of high speed ADCs. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife Jennifer and two sons, Zeke and Gabe (with one on the way!).