When controlling brush-less DC motors (BLDCs) there are a variety of control methods to increase efficiency, torque and speed. But what are the tradeoffs between reliability, development time and external components? Which features in the microcontroller hardware make the job easier?

This webinar provides an overview of the BLDC theory and outlines how to use the built-in motor control features of Infineon's 8 & 16-bit microcontrollers to eliminate external components and decrease development time. Learn how hardware-event-driven triggers between the PWM and ADC can simplify software algorithms for sensorless control and how the various timers and registers included in the CapCom6E, Infineon's advanced PWM unit, can simplify trapezoidal and sinusoidal control.


Mike Copeland – Applications Engineer, Microcontrollers
During his career at Infineon, Mike has focused on microcontrollers with an emphasis on motor control applications. Prior to joining Siemens/Infineon in 1997, Mike worked for General Motors in Michigan. He has authored various Application notes and technical articles on motor control, and holds a patent on Sensor-less BLDC Motor Control Techniques. Mike holds an MSEE and BSEE from Michigan State University.

Ryan Scott – Regional Marketing, Microcontrollers
Ryan joined Infineon in 2003 as member of the sales team, and moved to microcontroller marketing in 2005. He is responsible for microcontroller product marketing and the development of industrial markets, and authored technical and business related articles on motor control and product development methodologies. Ryan holds an MSECE from Lawrence Technical University, an MBA from Wayne State University and a BS Ind. Eng. from Florida State University.