A hallmark of the flexible factory is the
ability to rapidly respond to changing market demands by supporting efficient
productivity and reliability under a wide range of operating conditions.
Distributed control is a major driver of such responsive manufacturing
environments. This distribution of intelligence in electrically demanding harsh
environments requires special attention to the design and selection of the
interconnect solutions to ensure mechanical and electrical robustness. In rugged
environments a corrupted or lost signal can bring an entire production line to a

One area of focus of the webinar will be the connector and cabling
challenges for industrial robotics, a catalyst for distributed control. The
demand for greater dexterity, precision and mobility in next generation
factory-floor robots requires high performance and sophisticated connector

This webinar will detail the various connector requirements
you’ll need to consider and provide some insight into the factors to consider
when making your connectivity choices: from power and signal integrity, to board
and system interconnect robustness, to cost and security.

What you’ll learn by attending this webinar:

  • Connectivity and cabling trends and challenges for distributed control
    applications in industrial automation applications
  • Critical factors in designing and selecting connector and cabling solutions
    for factory floor environments, including materials, footprint, and signal speed
    and integrity.
  • Examples of connector and cabling technology designed for next-generation
    industrial robotics

Mathas, Site Editor, Industrial Control DesignLine, UBM Tech

Nass, Brand Director, Design News, UBM Electronics


Dr. Eric Bogatin, Signal Integrity Evangelist, Bogatin Enterprises


Yvonne Lin, Industrial Marketing Manager, Xilinx

Vineet Aggarwal, Group Manager for Embedded Systems Products, National Instruments

Kinnaird, Ph.D, Systems Engineer, Industrial Interface Products, Texas