Enabling automotive design engineers to use projected lighting to communicate with car- and road-users beyond the simple and straightforward illumination functions available today.  ams is at the forefront of developing Micro Lens Array (MLA) technology for image projection, light distribution and illumination applications in automotive. These ultra-small micro projectors have facetted projection optics which can be overlayed to create many individual common images projected onto any ‘screen.’ With inherent high depth of focus, sharp projections can appear even on slanted, curved, or free-flow surfaces.

In this webinar we discuss the technical challenges of meeting the near-term automotive market potential for projected lighting in three target segments: increased functional safety lighting, enhanced decorative lighting, and autonomous vehicle lighting.

Attendees will learn:

  • How projected lighting of external icon symbols provides a completely new way to communicate between vehicles and pedestrians, while simultaneously serving the fastest growing automotive lighting market of interior vehicle illumination.
  • Background on MLA projected lighting technology and why ams is first to market
  • Overview of ams micro lens array portfolio and the major automotive applications