One of the most serious problems in the area of test is the continuous decline in physical access. Across a range of markets, users unanimously report up to 20% reduction in test access over the last 5 years, which inevitably leads to discussions about test methods suitable for future designs. While JTAG/boundary scan has gained a good reputation in this context, this test methodology alone cannot provide a solution to all problems either—complementary test technologies are still needed for future board and system designs. This webinar first analyses some fundamental aspects of combining JTAG/boundary scan and functional test and then introduces new approaches for embedded functional test, as well as their practical implementation.

Attend this webinar to learn about:

  • How can limitations of functional test and structural test be overcome by combining these test techniques?
  • What kind of functional test coverage can be achieved by traditional structural test techniques, and what enhancements can more modern embedded test strategies offer?
  • How can we automate functional test development and achieve deterministic fault coverage for functional test?


David Whetstone, Director of North American Sales and Business Development, GOEPEL Electronics USA

David Whetstone is currently the Director of North American Sales and Business Development for GOEPEL Electronics USA with more than 30 years of experience in test, applications and sales engineering for the semiconductor and board test industry and represents GOEPEL’s JTAG/Embedded Test, Optical Inspection and X-Ray Inspection product lines in North America.