The trend of using
computer vision techniques for innovative embedded applications is a widespread
reality. Initially used in industrial and security applications, it is now
widely used in automotive applications (mostly for car safety systems),
smartphones and tablets (for unique real-time applications and gaming), as well
as to Smart TVs (for gesture recognition and other natural UI). Moreover, some
of the cutting-edge imaging applications, such as super resolution, advanced
super scaling and HDR are using techniques from the computer vision space. The
main challenge for SoC and application developers is providing powerful computer
vision capabilities combined with SW flexibility, while meeting the stringent
power constraints of embedded applications. Using a vector processor such as the
CEVA-MM3101, with an instruction set specifically tuned for embedded vision,
makes computer vision a reality.

Who should attend:

  • AP vendors for mobile devices
  • OEMs for mobile devices and smart TVs
  • SOC s vendors for smart TVs
  • SOCs vendors for Automotive (car safety) and security equipment
  • SW application vendors for computer vision—mobile devices, smart TVs,
    automotive (Car Safety) and security

Registrants will learn:

  • New markets for computer vision—Mobile devices, Smart TVs
  • Computer vision computational requirements
  • OpenVL—new API for embedded computer vision by Khronos
  • CEVA-MM3101—a fully programmable platform designed for embedded computer
  • Gesture Recognition & virtual mouse for embedded systems based on
    eyeSight’s technology


Ron Shalom, Marketing Manager Multimedia
applications, CEVA

Shahar, Director of System Architecture, CEVA

Shenfeld, VP R&D, eyeSight

Bier, founder, Embedded Vision Alliance