Computer vision algorithms are typically both
compute-intensive and memory-bandwidth-intensive. Plus these algorithms are
evolving quickly, calling for a software-programmable implementation. To achieve
real-time performance while staying within the available power budget,
application specific processors (ASIPs) are an alternative choice, as standard
CPUs and GPUs often have to be ruled out for performance and/or power-efficiency
reasons. When designing a processor-based SoC, FPGA prototyping is a key element
in the design flow, as it allows HW/SW validation, real-time video inspection of
the functionality, and debugging of memory interfaces often not captured during
the simulation stages.

This webinar introduces Synopsys’ Vision
Processor Design and Prototyping solution, featuring Processor Designer and HAPS
FPGA-prototyping. Using a real-world application-specific processor design
example we will explain the steps needed to take the design from concept to
final FPGA prototyping. This includes a discussion of typical pitfalls,
shortcuts that turned into dead ends, best practices, and the value of
pre-configured reference examples as starting point for your own design.

What will the audience learn:

  • Why application specific processors (ASIP) are suited for Embedded Vision
  • The steps it takes to move a processor design from concept to
    FPGA-prototyping implementation
  • Best practices how to debug at different stages of the design and
    prototyping flow
  • How the Synopsys Embedded Vision Processor Design Kit and the Synopsys HAPS
    FPGA prototyping solution can accelerate the design and prototyping stages

Who should attend:

  • Engineers looking for a prototyping solution for OpenCV-based vision
  • Computer architects who are working on complex real-time embedded vision
    systems and looking for ways to offload the computation intensive tasks from the
    main application processor
  • Processor designers who want to perform architectural analysis, with
    performance, power and area taken into account

Taussig, Corporate Applications Engineer, Systems Group,

Drew Taussig is a Corporate Applications Engineer in the
Systems Group at Synopsys, supporting Processor Designer. Drew came to Synopsys
from CoWare as part of the Processor Designer Product Team. Prior to CoWare,
Drew led the ASIC Systems Architecture Team at Philips Semiconductors (now NXP).
Drew has a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University and
a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of
Colorado at Boulder.