Intermittent circuit faults can be time consuming and difficult problems for a design or test engineer. This seminar will discuss best practices for using all brands and models of digital oscilloscopes to identify this type of circuit failure and troubleshoot its source.

Examples will include:

  • Glitches
  • Drop outs
  • Non-monotonic edges
  • Invalid pulse widths
  • Techniques that will be covered are:

  • Fast signal acquisition in persistence mode to view intermittent failures
  • Advanced triggering to capture the events (once their properties are known)
  • Exclusion Trigger to find aberrations whose shapes are not known
  • Parameter histograms and trend lines
  • Parameter statistics
  • The primary content of the seminar will be practical examples of:

  • Clocks
  • Serial data signals
  • Power supplies
  • Other faults encountered in real world engineering
  • New Technologies Explained:

  • "Searching" captured waveforms – WaveScan/LeCroy ; WaveInspector/Tek
  • "Scanning" live signals – WaveScan/LeCroy ; Infiniiscan/Agilent
  • TriggerScan to scan through multiple types of triggers automatically to find signal failures
  • Any engineer who occasionally needs to characterize the presence of intermittent signal misbehavior or troubleshoot its source is recommended to attend.

    Presented by:
    Dr. Michael Lauterbach is Director-Product Management for LeCroy Corporation where he has worked for 25 years-beginning in Engineering Services. His PhD is from Yale in high energy physics while his undergraduate education at Carleton College included a double major in math and physics. He has published more than 50 papers on the use of digital test instruments for a variety of applications, presented technical seminars at many conferences and at more than 200 customer sites including Motorola, IBM, Lucent and the US State Department.