A widely adopted real-time serial bus protocol,
Controller Area Network (CAN) is to embedded systems as Ethernet is to the
Internet, spanning medical, transportation, and aerospace and defense
applications. It is now the bus of choice, displacing RS232, RS485, i2c, and
other traditional field busses due to its deterministic and real-time network
behavior. Higher-level protocols such as CANopen and DeviceNet enable an
object-oriented field bus architecture, and SocketCAN creates TCP/IP
connectivity over CANbus. The future of CANbus is bright; join Wind RiverĀ® and
OCTRIAN in discovering how CANbus can help your embedded device interconnect at
the subsystem level, as well as to the Internet and machine-to-machine networks.

Attendees will learn:

  • Overview of CANbus and where it’s heading
  • How real-time and deterministic interconnection at the subsystem level is
    driving demand and opportunity for CANbus
  • About higher-level protocols such as CANOpen and SocketCAN, and where they
    are applied
  • Why CANbus at the device level is the right choice for devices connecting to
    the Internet of Things

Stephen Olsen, Product Line Manager, Operating System
Platforms, Wind River

Lalita Godbole, Founder, OCTRIAN
LLC (http://www.octrian.com)