Embedded devices are evolving rapidly, and these devices require the storage capacity to take advantage of new media oriented and other data intensive features. Most embedded systems require persistent data storage for critical data to be quickly accessed and resist power failure corruption.

Reliability of software architecture, and specifically, reliability of file systems is essential to ensuring system integrity.

Tune into this webinar and learn how QNX technology allows you to:

  • ensure data integrity through reliable transaction file systems
  • automate file system recovery in the event of failure
  • transparently access file systems between nodes without heavyweight NFS protocols

Not a community member yet? See what Foundry27 (the new QNX community) has to offer, as we explore the recently introduced File System Project.

Estimated length: 1 hour, including Q & A.

Who should attend: This seminar is best suited for embedded software development managers, engineers, architects, and developers in automotive, industrial automation, medical and consumer markets.