Security of user information, protection of IP and trusted data are fundamental to digital transformation and driving innovation of connected devices moving forward across all industries.

Compromised data can be catastrophic for environments where IoT devices are deployed. Costs are very real and include damage to reputation, time and brand and can result in loss of customers, legal penalties, and missed revenue opportunities. For example, in the industrial automation market concerns over losing IP that took years of effort to create, compromised sensor data impacting worker safety, or ransomware that shut down factories and production lines are becoming common place. Further to the challenge of integrating security, is the complexity of implementing technologies such as Machine learning for predictive maintenance as well as wireless for cloud-connectivity.

In this virtual workshop experience you will learn how Arrow Electronics, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Infineon Technologies have collaborated to deliver a secure IoT development platform from device to cloud.  You will learn the fundamentals of embedded IoT Security, how PSoC 64® makes implementation easy, how to securely and quickly connect your device via Wi-Fi to AWS IoT Core – as well as how to integrate world-class sensors from Infineon with PSoC 64 MCUs in Connected Industrial Applications.

To enable your development success as part of the workshop, Arrow Electronics will be providing a free PSoC 64 IoT Security Workshop Development Kit for the first 200 valid registrations before April 12th. This kit includes the PSoC 64 Secure MCU AWS Dev Kit, sensors, connectors, AWS enablement, and more (>$150 value):

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