Trusted data is foundational to the success of IoT Devices. Compromised data can be catastrophic for environments where IoT Devices are deployed – for example in the increasing home-healthcare movement. Remote health diagnostics transmitted via Wi-Fi to a cloud application, and then consumed by healthcare professionals need to be trusted every time, all the time.

In this virtual workshop experience you will learn how Arrow Electronics, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Infineon Technologies have collaborated to deliver a secure IoT development platform from device to cloud. Infineon’s PSoC® 64 Standard Secured AWS Microcontroller provides a pre-established root-of-trust, isolated processing environments, and secure bootloader which enable secure boot, secure firmware updates, remote attestation, and secure provisioning provided by Arrow’s secure programming facilities. This secure lifecycle management works seamlessly with AWS IoT cloud services as well.

You will learn the fundamentals of embedded IoT Security, how PSoC 64 makes implementation easy, how to securely and quickly connect your device via Wi-Fi to AWS IoT Core – as well as how to integrate world-class sensors from Infineon with PSoC 64 MCUs in Connected Healthcare Applications.

To enable your development success as part of the workshop, Arrow Electronics will be providing a free PSoC 64 IoT Security Workshop Development Kit for valid registrations before Monday March 1st. This kit includes the PSoC 64 Secure MCU AWS Dev Kit, sensors, connectors, AWS enablement, and more. (>$150 value). This will be shipped to the address you provide in the registration fields on this page.