Implementing AI in IoT is more than training ML data and creating a model. Bridging the gap between the tooling used to create models and the process to validate and optimize it for an embedded microcontroller device is extremely complex and leads to slow time-to-market. That is why Infineon has introduced ModusToolbox™ Machine Learning Tools enabling rapid evaluation/deployment of ML models onto Infineon MCUs.

Join this webinar to learn how ModusToolbox™ ML enables:

  • Import of models from popular training frameworks such as TensorFlow™
  • Optimization of models for embedded platforms to reduce the size and complexity
  • Validation of performance of optimized model by benchmarking
  • Generation of optimized model code and libraries which are integrated with ModusToolbox™ microcontroller, connectivity, and security development flows

As well as a hands-on technical demo and to get started quickly and easily with Infineon PSoC™ 64 MCUs and Arrow Electronics.