This webinar introduces a solution to the challenges that software developers face when bringing up or optimizing system power management. During the webinar, we will describe how virtual prototyping can enable early development and validation of power management software from drivers up to the application level. Furthermore, we will present solutions for real world scenario-driven analysis and optimization using virtual prototyping.

What the attendees will learn:

  • Basic understanding of Linux and Android power management
  • Virtual Prototyping modeling requirements for power management software validation
  • Virtual Prototyping enabled debug and test methods for  power management software
  • Virtual Prototyping power characterization for system-level power optimizations
  • Scenario-driven analysis and optimization using Virtual Prototyping analysis

Achim Nohl, Solution Architect, Synopsys
Achim Nohl is a Solution Architect at Synopsys, driving the adoption of virtual prototypes for software development and verification. Achim holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from the Institute for Integrated Signal Processing Systems in Aachen, Germany.