Talking over telecommunications systems is dramatically changing. Emerging technologies (such as spatial sound capture and wideband/stereo speech codecs) improve performance (talker identification, speech comprehension, and so on) and allow people to feel as if they are present at each other’s location (telepresence).
To date, this improved user experience has been restricted to business meetings using expensive equipment and customized meeting rooms. However, this is changing. Telephony terminals used in everyday life are being built to support telepresence, and the ability to transport these signals between terminals is increasing. This webinar provides an introduction to telepresence using everyday terminals—use cases, design requirements, standardization activities, industry trends, and more.
Who should attend:
  • Product managers of terminal equipment trying to understand new technology trends
  • Telecommunications systems engineers trying to understand the acoustic/audio requirements of Telepresence systems
  • Acoustic/audio engineers responsible for designing Telepresence terminals
Duration: 45 minutes, + 15 min Q&A
Scott Pennock, Product Marketing, QNX
Scott Pennock is the Senior Hands-Free Standards Specialist at QNX.
Before joining QNX, he was a Lead Acoustic Test Engineer at Apple, a Senior Systems Engineer at OnStar researching speech enhancement technologies, and a Speech Technologies Specialist at Lucent, also working on speech enhancment technologies.
He holds a B.S. in Experimental/Cognitive Psychology from Michigan State University, and an Masters degree in Applied Psychology from the Stevens Institute of Technology.