Today’s embedded system designers face several challenges that are changing the embedded design landscape. The need to reuse existing systems while finding ways to bridge the gap to the technology needs of future modernized systems is essential. Learn how these technology trends enable new business opportunities and how virtualization is a possible solution to enable deployment of safe, secure, reliable, and certifiable heterogeneous systems.

Join Wind River for this webinar to learn how you can modernize your embedded designs by deploying new applications and capabilities on any OS while running your existing applications alongside.

Attendees will learn:

  • How industry trends are changing the embedded systems landscape, offering many benefits and opportunities
  • Why virtualization is essential for the modernization of aerospace, automotive, defense, industrial and medical critical infrastructure
  • How Wind River® Helix™ Virtualization Platform bridges the gap between the needs and value of existing systems and the opportunities of modern design


Ricky Watts, Vice President, Industrial Solutions, Wind River

Ricky Watts is vice president for industrial solutions at Wind River. His responsibilities include market and product strategy and deliverables for software offerings within the Wind River portfolio. In his previous roles at Wind River, he was located in China and responsible for Asia Pacific Services before moving to the Alameda, California headquarters to work on new evolving technologies. Prior to joining Wind River, he held several positions in the wireless networking industry including CTO of Aircom International, a leading supplier of operation and maintenance products for the wireless infrastructure market and Chief Solutions Officer for the EMEA Motorola Wireless business. While living in more than 14 countries throughout his career, he has developed his technical skills as well as honed a deep understanding of conducting business across a diverse range of cultures.

Ricky has a Business and Technology Education Council (BTEC) diploma in electronics engineering from Reading College, as well as several qualifications and credentials in business and product management.