Do you use Android as your real-time operating system for your devices? We’ve heard from several customers such as MIPS that managing Android Testing Cycles is one of the most challenging and time-consuming tasks in today’s Android Software Delivery process. Android Compatibility Test Suite (CTS) itself contains 17,000+ test cases and takes hours to run, often becoming the biggest bottleneck in the delivery process. In addition, device makers need to test multiple other test suites to cover the range of custom software that is incorporated into the devices.

Attend this technical presentation to learn how MIPS, a leader and innovator in the RISC processors, accelerated their Android testing processes to speed up time to market without sacrificing quality. Dinu Radian, Senior Software Program Manager at MIPS, will present real-life examples of how testing is efficiently executed across a number of devices in parallel to keep up with their break-neck release schedules. This webinar is sponsored by Electric Cloud.

Presenter: Dinu Radian, Senior Software Program Manager at MIPS