Have you inadvertently deployed products with software defects?

OEMs experience an ever-increasing software workload during development and test. Software development engineers have to write more code and software test engineers have to test more software embedded in your products. With these schedule and workload challenges, end-customers, that use systems or devices, encounter software defects that were not detected during testing.

Project teams ask the following:

  • How can software development engineers streamline software/system integration testing?
  • How can software test engineers performcreate dynamic testing of embedded software (function coverage and performance profiling tests)? and measure function coverage "dynamically", without the hassle of complex setup steps or special builds.
  • How can software test and development engineers shorten the time to detect, isolate and resolve software defects?

This session will provide best practices for development and software test engineers. When put in practice, OEMs can test more software and detect/resolve more software defects in every project.

Target Audience:

  • Engineering management
  • Software development engineers
  • Software test engineers.

Technical content: High


Darren Bronson: Product Manager, Device Test and Management
Darren Bronson is a product manager for Wind River's Test Management product. Before Wind River, he has held various positions at computer hardware and enterprise software companies, including Intel Corporation and Hewlett Packard. He earned his MBA/MSCS from MIT and a MSEE from Stanford.


Leo Samson: Director for Product Management, Device Test and Management
Leo Samson is the Director for Product Management for Wind River Device Test and Management . He is responsible for the product line strategy and product definition of Test Management and Field Diagnostics products. Leo has 15 years of experience in the device software industry, including business and technical roles at the Department of the Navy, Boehringer Mannheim, Thompson Consumer Electronics, Johnson & Johnson, Samson Consulting, and Wind River. He is a graduate of Purdue University.