In this webinar, we will present the latest developments in high performance XENSIVMEMS microphones and how these make for better devices. We will show experiments done by Infineon that show how higher SNR microphones enhance the quality of voice communication in laptops, i.e. how quality rating in VoIP applications rises when using high SNR microphones compared to built-in laptop microphones.

Attendees will learn:

  • XENSIVMEMS microphones
    • key performance parameters
    • latest developments in size, performance, power consumption
  • XENSIVMEMS microphones in laptops
    • typical performance
    • challenges
  • High SNR microphones yield higher voice quality scores in VoIP
    • Infineon experiment design results
    • applications enabled by higher SNR microphones
    • potential other devices apart from laptops
  • Infineon solutions for laptops and VoIP devices