The years to come will be dominated by battery powered applications and EVs (Electric Vehicles). A major processing step during battery production is battery formation. Besides explaining what battery formation is, technical experts will dive deeper into the requirements of battery formation systems and present ideas with examples and demo boards to design efficient and cost-optimized solutions.

Attendees will learn:

  • What is battery formation
  • Recommendation for battery formation system
  • Solutions to efficient and cost-optimized power systems in battery formation applications


Francesco Di Domenico, Principal Application Engineering, Infineon Technologies Austria AG

Francesco is a specialist in high power switch mode power supplies (SMPS) for server, telecom, and industrial applications. His competences include the design of power converters, magnetic components, control concepts, with special focus on resonant/soft switching topologies. Before joining Infineon Technologies in Villach, Austria, he has spent his career as a Lead Engineer in the SMPS industry in Italy.

Nenad Belancic, Global Application Marketing, Infineon Technologies Austria AG

Nenad Belancic holds a Business degree with specialization in International Business and Management from the University of Southern Denmark, DK. At Infineon he is responsible for global business development for renewable energy applications such as solar, UPS, energy storage as well as battery formation. Before joining Infineon in early 2018, Nenad gained experience and expertise as a business founder and manager.

Susheel Badha, Application Engineer, Infineon Technologies Austria AG

Susheel Badha received B.TECH Degree from the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering of the University, INDIA (JNTU). After graduation, for 12 years, he worked with various SMPS industries in designing SMPS for various applications like battery management, telecom, industrial, military, aerospace, and aeronautical. His competences include designing of power converters, and magnetic components.