With the widespread adoption of hybrid power train technologies by many automobile manufacturers, there is an ever increasing need for isolation devices to meet safety requirements brought about by these high voltage applications.

Although optocouplers have already been successfully used in hybrid electric vehicles for more than 10 years, the introduction of reliable high temperature optocouplers facilitates further expansion into new application areas not addressable with industrial grade optocouplers. This webinar will discuss the technology behind high temperature automotive grade optocouplers and will also cover some application tips and typical application examples.

Length of webinar: 40 mins + Q&A

What you will learn:

  • operating conditions in the automotive environment
  • optocoupler temperature operating characteristics
  • key optocoupler performance characteristics that are suitable for automotive applications
  • Presenter:

    Patrick Sullivan, Senior R&D Engineer, Isolation Products Division, Avago Technologies
    Patrick Sullivan started his career at Hitachi in 1990, where he worked 5 years as an R&D Engineer in the field of television circuit design. Since 1995 he has worked for Avago, formerly HP/Agilent, within the Isolation Products Division holding several positions. Patrick holds a BEng degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Plymouth University.