Managing Change is at the heart of succeeding
in IT and change is accelerating everywhere—including infrastructure,
applications and even business models. Learn how Tivoli Automation solutions
help Accenture’s customers to reduce costs and create operational efficiencies
from analyst, Dennis Drogseth of EMA.

  • Find out how Automation can help save the day in this fast-changing IT world
  • How to pull it all together to make change more responsible
  • Making changes with no perceptible service impact and with visibility and

Dennis Drogseth, Vice President, Enterprise Management

Stephen Nunn, Associate Partner,

Stephen Nunn, based in London, is Accenture’s global
Green IT lead. He specializes in infrastructure transformation and
next-generation data center projects with emphasis on global consolidation and
rationalization programs. Mr. Nunn has extensive knowledge and experience in the
design and development of operational architectures; program management of the
integration of multivendor computing environments; and the design,
implementation and operations of all aspects of IT tools, processes and