Today’s RADAR systems are complex as they are diverse. Still, the use of software tools helps to streamline the design process, allowing engineers to think over the traditional boundaries for reaching the estimated $10.4 billion RADAR market size by 2022.

Join this 45-minute online session to learn how to use frameworks for developing radar signal processing flows, allowing to product a target list on the hardware accelerators. You will discover the NXP’s radar Software Development Kit (rSDK) and learn to integrate it into your software project to enabling maximum performance and flexibility.

Attendees will learn:

  • An overview of the Radar Signal Processing using the NXP 32-bit Power Architecture® based S32R Radar MCUs.
  • About the Radar Software Development Kit (rSDK) flow, from mmIC API, MIPI drivers, FFT acceleration to Target List development.
  • How to integrate the rSDK into software projects, allowing full use of the high-performance cores for algorithmic processing.