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MDK is a toolset you use to create SmartFusion2 programs to run on the
Cortex™-M3. MDK can import projects from Libero® or run stand-alone. MDK
components are Keil™ uVision IDE™, ARM C/C++ compiler, assembler, debugger and
eNVM flash programmer. BSPs are provided for all Microsemi ARM and 8051
processors. A brief tour of uVision will be presented followed by a live
demonstration showing the software creation and debug sequence. This will show
ARM CoreSight debug technology such as Serial Wire Viewer and ETM trace with
practical examples. Keil RTX (RTOS) implementation will be shown with Kernel
Awareness windows.

You will come away with knowledge about:
• The
general Cortex-M3 development cycle including the CMSIS startup files

Detailed operation of Serial Wire Viewer (SWV) and ETM Trace for advanced data
and instruction tracing

These features provide unique views into your
program as it is running.