The momentum behind Android across a multitude of connected consumer devices continues to grow. The ARM ecosystem Partners have found that the connectivity, application and content frameworks in conjunction with low power technologies, pioneered by the mobile industry and delivered through the Android platform on ARM, are equally relevant across a wider range of both mobile and non-mobile products. This webinar will take you though the applicability of Android in a multitude of end devices and the functionality differentiation an Android based solution can bring. It will also guide you through what is available to help start your development.

Key topics:

  1. Android is fast becoming a ubiquitous solution across a multitude of connected consumer ARM-Powered(r) devices from mobile phones to tablets and netbooks to Digital Media Adaptors and DTVs.
  2. The ARM Android Ecosystem
    1. The Solution Centre for Android (SCA) now has over 70 members delivering a wide range of solutions across a diverse set of market segments, including many targeted directly at the home segment. Large screen support, UI frameworks and multimedia content databases are just a few examples of enhancements to Android you’ll find from SCA partners.
    2. SCA partners come together to share their expertise, solutions and services, including:
      1. Complete Android solutions
      2. Android software components
      3. Android services
      4. Development tools
      5. Android trainings

  3. ARM Partners and the Android roadmap
    1. ARM is a key Google technology partner for Android development, and together with the larger ARM partner base, have contributed significant optimizations to each Android release from Cupcake to the latest Froyo release
    2. Key features of Android focused and optimized for ARM-based SoCs
      1. The Android NDK is a companion tool to the Android SDK that lets Android application developers build performance-critical parts of their applications in native code.
      2. The Dalvik Just-in-Time (JIT) compiler that targets the ARM Instruction Set significantly improves compute intensive Java applications while maintaining a minimal memory footprint.
      3. The Froyo release provides support for Adobe Flash 10.1 enabling the Flash Platform to be delivered across multiple Android Devices.

What you will learn:

  • An update on the board range of market segments and applications where Android is being deployed
  • Examples and use cases highlighting how Android can be adopted across a multitude of devices and the functionality which can be extended to handle different feature sets and usage models
  • Where to go to for help

Who should attend:
Engineers that are building Android powered devices and Android applications developers wishing to explore the breadth of the applications space rapidly becoming available to them, as well as marketers that want to understand more about Android and how it is moving beyond mobile.

Rod Crawford, Principal Software Engineer, ARM
Rod works in the area of mobile Web technologies. During his 10+ years with the company he has spearheaded many embedded software initiatives including the creation of ARM’s first commercial software toolkit, OS optimization for ARM, high performance implementation of Java on ARM, and even an ARM Web portal and Blog for developers. Prior to ARM, Rod has spent extensive time in the embedded software industry developing software tools for the 8 and 16bit microcontroller market and creating extensive ISV communities.

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