All the name brand manufacturers provide
Over-the-Air (OTA) software updates for their tablets, smartphones and consumer
electronics. Now, Red Bend Software shows you how it’s done easily and
affordably in a webinar entitled, “Are You Ready for the Next Android Version?
Best Practices in Providing OTA Software Updates.”

Consumers demand the
latest Android updates with new features, improved performance and enhanced
security, and check whether the device they are considering to buy offers a
commitment to provide new OS versions. In today’s connected world, software
updates are a must-have feature for any type of consumer electronics device,
even low-end smartphones and tablets.

Red Bend Software, supplier of the
industry’s most trusted Firmware Over-the-Air (FOTA) updating solution adopted
in 1.75 billion devices, is sharing industry best practices from the leading
mobile brands. In this one-hour webinar, Android manufacturers will learn how to
perform and operate an OTA software updating service that will enable them to
stay competitive in the crowded Android marketplace. In this webinar, topics
will include:

  • Reviewing current and future market trends
  • Planning an OTA Updating System
  • Testing the OTA Updates
  • Operating an Update Campaign
  • Optimizing the User Experience
  • Measuring the Impact of OTA Updating
  • Presenting case studies and customer feedback

In addition to
meeting consumer expectations for new Android versions, OTA software updates are
critical for devices that are sold through retail stores or online channels,
given that it may take several months between devices leaving the production
line to reaching consumers’ hands. Let Red Bend show you the most effective
strategies for using OTA updating to delight consumers and build brand loyalty.

Berholtz, Director of Market Adoption, Red Bend Software

Berholtz is the Director of Market Adoption at Red Bend Software, the market
leader in Mobile Software Management. Mr. Berholtz’s main responsibilities
include spearheading Red Bend’s M2M endeavors and working with Red Bend’s
licensees to help them increase their usage of software updating. He has vast
experience in engineering, product management and partner management with an
emphasis on mobile communications technologies, having worked at Motorola,
Pelephone, ECI Telecom, Intel and Marvell.