The use of sensors in embedded applications has become widespread and is growing rapidly. Systems from industrial automation to medical to consumer devices utilize sensors for fundamental measurements in basic control loops and to detect environmental conditions allowing for advanced functionality.

Sensor outputs include mV, mA, resistance, and capacitance. Each type presents unique issues when interfacing with an embedded microcontroller. This webinar discusses techniques for interfacing sensors to an embedded microcontroller, including noise bandwidth reduction with on-chip filters and elimination of offset and drift errors using correlated double sampling. It also discusses the signal path and applications for ultrasonic, ambient light, and accelerometers.


Dennis Seguine, Cypress Semiconductor
Dennis is a Member of Technical Staff for Cypress Semiconductor in Lynnwood, WA. He has six patents on medical devices and additional patents pending on the Cypress PSoC chip, software, and applications. He received his BSEE and MSEE from University of California, Berkeley.

Aaron GL Podbelski, Cypress Semiconductor
Aaron is a Product Manager at Cypress Semiconductor in San Jose, CA. He is responsible for PSoC marketing, focusing on analog applications. His previous experience at Cypress involves USB and RF products. Aaron received his BE in Computer Engineering from Marquette University.