Signals that you don’t want are constantly coming into your system; these signals are called noise, and they must be understood and managed in order to achieve a successful system design. These noise signals come from external sources (extrinsic) and internal circuit component sources (intrinsic), and they exhibit a wide range of characteristics that can be calculated and compensated.

This presentation focuses on practical noise tips for the board designer, rather than the theoretical aspects often covered in academic texts. This in-depth webinar covers the three main sources of intrinsic noise in a typical signal chain: resistors, amplifiers, and A/D’s. It explains why noise is specified in so many different types of units (for example: nV/rt(Hz), Vrms, Vp-p) and how to convert between these units.

Common noise equations are covered, as well as analysis shortcuts and practical tips and techniques for designing a low noise system.

Matt Duff, Applications Engineer, Analog Devices, Inc.
Matt Duff joined Analog Devices in 2005 as an applications engineer in the integrated amplifier products group. Prior to joining ADI, Matt worked for National Instruments in both design and project management positions on instrumentation and automotive products. He received his BSEE from Texas A&M and MSEE from Georgia Tech.