Covering technical tips and techniques for developing safety-critical avionics software in compliance with DO-178B (up to, and including, Level A design assurance), this webinar features industry experts who will highlight the processes, procedures and tools used to achieve avionics certification on the latest civil airliners. DDC-I, a supplier of software and professional services for mission- and safety-critical applications for over 30 years, and LDRA, a pioneer and global leader in automated software verification, source code analysis, and test tools covering the full development lifecycle will share their joint experiences in achieving successful avionics certification.

Using practical examples, we remove the mystery and confusion surrounding development, verification, configuration management and quality assurance. We pay special attention to traceability, independence criteria, testing and structural coverage analysis. Finally, we discuss how DO-178C is expected to build on the excellent foundation of DO-178B to assist in the next generation of certification.

Who Should Attend:

  • Software engineers and engineering managers interested in learning about developing and certifying safety-critical avionics software in compliance with DO-178B.
  • Systems engineers interested in learning about the interface between systems & software in a safety-critical environment.

What the registrant will learn?

  • An overview of DO-178B and its development and verification processes
  • The ins and outs of traceability, independence, testing and structural coverage
  • An introduction to what’s new in DO-178C.

Nat Hillary, Field Applications Engineer, LDRA Technology, Inc. 
Nat Hillary is a Field Applications Engineer with LDRA Technology, Inc., a position that he comes to via an extensive background in software engineering, sales and marketing. He is an experienced presenter in the use of software analysis solutions for real-time safety critical software who has been invited to participate in a number of international forums and seminars on the topic.  Nat comes to LDRA with a strong background and international reputation in embedded systems development.

Tim King, Technical Marketing Manager, DDC-I, Inc.
Tim King is a Technical Marketing Manager with DDC-I, Inc., where he is responsible for technical marketing functions with an emphasis on Deos, DDC-I’s time and space partitioned real-time operating system (RTOS). Tim has over 20 years of experience developing and marketing commercial avionics and RTOS software. He is a graduate of the University of Iowa and Arizona State University, where he earned masters degrees in Computer Science and Business Administration, respectively.