Aftermarket battery packs are available for most portable devices. This one-hour webcast presents the results of several product tear-downs on aftermarket battery packs, and explains how substandard aftermarket packs can cut corners on cost, safety mechanisms, and battery performance. These tear-downs expose electronic & mechanical design issues, as well as good manufacturing and regulatory violations. Then, this webcast provides solutions for OEMs to manage and control their ecosystem of aftermarket battery pack suppliers. This webcast is applicable to OEMs of consumer and industrial electronic products susceptible to aftermarket batteries, such as medical, handheld radio, and data collection devices.

Presented By:

Robin_Sarah_Tichy.jpgDr. Robin Sarah Tichy,
Technical Marketing Manager, Micro Power Electronics, Inc.

Dr. Tichy has developed an expertise in translating market drivers into technical solutions in the battery and charger industry. Prior to joining Micro Power, she applied technical and project management skills to orchestrate and implement solutions to solve vital business problems at leading organizations like Hewlett Packard and International SEMATECH, in the semiconductor, nanotechnology and MEMS verticals. Dr. Tichy received a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Texas for her work in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells.

michael_vega.gifMichael Vega, Applications Engineer, Portable Power Battery Management Group, Texas Instruments, Inc.

Mr. Vega supports single-cell gas gauges and peripheral authentication products. While with TI for the past six years, Michael has authored numerous technical documents of this subject. Michael received his BSEE at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez.