CustomExplorer Ultra is a new, comprehensive regression management and debug environment for mixed-signal SoC verification. Learn how CustomExplorer Utra enables high verification productivity for complex SoCs using advanced strategies that surpass traditional verification approaches. 

Tightly integrated with Synopsys’ CustomSim simulator and CustomSim/VCS co-simulation solution, CustomExplorer Ultra aids engineers in rapidly performing customized advanced analyses for transistor-level analog, mixed-signal and SoC designs. CustomExplorer Ultra represents the next generation in mixed-signal verification environment, including regression management, debug and analysis for complex SoC design. 

Duncan McDonald 
Product Marketing Manager, Synopsys 

Duncan has more than 20 years of experience in EDA, holding positions in engineering, sales, and marketing all related to analog and mixed-signal design. Duncan is the author of 3 U.S. patents and holds degrees from UC Berkeley and the University of Santa Clara 

Dwayne Holst 
Corporate Applications Engineer, Synopsys

Dwayne is a CAE with 15 years of high-speed analog, RF system and silicon design experience. He has worked in EDA for 10 years.