Today’s vehicles are becoming more and more quiet, which in return has made the customer highly sensitive to acoustical comfort! Thus, the “my car is making a funny noise…” scenario is a major challenge for system architects and designers. On one hand, it needs to be ensured that no disturbing noise is heard and on the other hand, the perceived sound quality needs to fulfill the listener’s expectations with respect to the sound design.

Through this webcast, we will explore new automotive applications for acoustic processing and the signal processing technologies that enable them.

Attendees will learn:

  • Advanced voice processing technologies enabling new applications such as personal audio zones (PAZ) and in-car communication (ICC)
  • The relevance of techniques, such as adaptive noise control (ANC) and road noise cancellation (RNC) to these applications and others
  • Technologies and solutions that ADI can offer to address the challenges associated with implementing these new applications