A state-of-the-art activity monitor (a.k.a pedometer) in the mid-20th-century resembled a pocket watch and used a mechanical sensor to increment a hand on the dial-face to count steps. Today, activity monitors are used for a range of human physiology measurements, including motion, calorie burn, temperature, body fat, respiration and heart rate, and are enabled by compact mixed-signal electronics. This Healthcare-focused webcast provides a look inside the new generation of activity-monitoring devices with an overview of the products from Analog Devices that are enabling those designs.

Paul Errico, Strategic Marketing Manager, Analog Devices’ Healthcare Segment Team

Prior to his current position, Paul was responsible for marketing Analog Devices’ thermal and system management products, interface products, and precision and high-speed converters. Paul earned his BSEE from Northeastern University.

Wayne Palmer, Systems Applications Engineer, Analog Devices’ Healthcare Segment Team

Wayne’s 25+ years of experience has all been focused on consumer products and applications while working extensively with customers globally. Wayne has a BSEE from Northeastern University.