This webcast explains principles and challenges of AWG signal generation for RADAR and LIDAR applications. High sampling rate and 15 bit resolution with superior linearity, performed by a single instrument on various platforms enable designers to create ideal waveforms for accurate test of RADAR, LIDAR, satellite and frequency agile systems. Agilent AWG's offer channel modulation bandwidths up to 500 MHz with over 65 dBc of spurious free dynamic range. AWG's, in combination with a wideband I/Q up-converter, give modulation bandwidths of 1 GHz at microwave frequencies for authentic signal simulations for IF and RF subsystem test. The Webcast addresses this and more, illustrating how Agilent AWG solutions deliver unprecedented performance for creation of complex wideband waveforms.

Duration: One hour

Who Should Attend: This webcast is intended for the following target groups: RADAR engineers, LIDAR engineers, RF/uW engineers, Electronic Engineering Managers, Government Mil/Aero contractors, Government sponsored research institutions (such as: MIT-LL, Draper labs, JHU-APL, etc.), Air Force Laboratories, NSA for COMINT, SIGINT applications, Semi-conductor test equipment manufacturers

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kyle_egbert.jpgMike Flaherty, Senior Applications Engineer, Agilent Technologies

Mike Flaherty is a Senior Applications Engineer for Agilent Technologies, Inc. He has worked for Hewlett Packard Company and Agilent Technologies, Inc. since joining the company in 1980. Over his 28 years he has held several positions in Technical Marketing, Technical Support, and Research and Development for divisions that produce signal analyzers, signal sources and custom systems. He has contributed to such products as microwave spectrum analyzers, microwave signal sources, satellite payload test systems and signal simulation systems for radar and satellites.

His current position as a field Applications Engineer allows him to bring his 28+ years of measurement science and product knowledge directly to the customer.

Mike is an alumnus of the University of California, Berkeley and the De Vry Institute of Technology from where he received degrees in Physiology and Electronics Technology respectively. He can be reached at mflaherty@agilent.com.