If you're designing an embedded platform that can be enhanced through the use of high-definition graphics, this webinar is for you. ARM's Mali™ family of products combines to provide complete embedded graphics and video solutions enabling device manufacturers and content developers to deliver the highest quality, innovative multimedia solutions across the broadest range of consumer devices. As you'll see in the webinar, ARM® and its Partners work together to provide a range of graphics solutions that underpin multimedia applications on a wide range of current and upcoming consumer, wireless, automotive and enterprise devices.

45 minutes plus up to 15 minutes of questions

Who should attend:
Specifiers, architects, engineers for hardware/middleware products that target embedded multimedia capability. Developers of multimedia content for embedded platforms.

A basic understanding of graphics and/or video and an appreciation of the special challenges faced by designers of embedded multimedia systems.

Ashley Stevens, Solutions Architect, ARM
Ashley Stevens is a Solutions Architect at ARM. He has been with ARM since 1995 and has a background in SoC design and architecture. Previously Ashley worked for Tadpole, maker of Unix laptops, Acorn Computers (where the ARM processor was originally developed) and Marconi. Ashley holds a B.Eng degree in Computer Engineering from Queen Mary College London.