In the Internet of Things Era, energy efficiency
will play an important role in product design as system makers look to leverage
new capabilities that internet connectivity can provide with minimum cost
increases and environmental footprint. Whether they are due to thermal
challenges or extended battery life, energy efficiency will directly contribute
to a best in class product. At the heart of these products is an embedded
processor that often dictates the overall system efficiency. In this webinar,
Freescale will examine several energy efficient design techniques for the
embedded processor and highlight the difference between “low power” and energy
efficient products.

Topics include:

  • The role of energy-efficiency in the Internet of Things era
  • The distinction between low-power and energy efficient products
  • Embedded processors energy efficiency design techniques

Haight, Product Launch Marketing Manager, Microcontroller Group,

With more than twenty years in the semiconductor industry
Michael has held individual and manager roles across Engineering, Sales, and
Marketing Disciplines. He is currently working in Freescale’s Microcontroller
Group as Product Launch Marketing Manager helping to spread the word about the
advances in Freescale’s Kinetis microcontroller products based on ARM® Cortex™
processors and their alignment with emerging trends and applications like the
Internet of Things.

Donnie Garcia, Kinetis Product Marketer,
Microcontroller Group, Freescale

Donnie Garcia is a Kinetis Product
Marketer with Freescale’s Microcontroller Group. He is responsible for Kinetis
new product introduction from definition to market launch. As an active member
of Freescale’s intellectual property (IP) teams, Donnie defines IP roadmaps and
IP for new products, and conducts market trends and competitive research. Donnie
graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a B.S. degree in
Electrical and Computer Engineering. His previous work experience includes over
11 years in the semiconductor industry as an Applications and Systems engineer
where he developed microcontroller hardware and software in close collaboration
with customers.