Key industrial trends such as the migration of proprietary fieldbus systems to Industrial Ethernet systems, the focus on energy savings in factories, and the need for product longevity are impacting the total cost of ownership (TCO) decisions of many equipment manufacturers. Altera industrial solutions deliver the capabilities you need to achieve your TCO goals using a common FPGA platform.

In this webcast on TCO, you will learn how you can:

  • Accelerate your performance in hardware, and leverage your software, without adding external devices.
  • Use one flexible FPGA platform to adapt to changing features/protocols (such as Industrial Ethernet standards) without designing additional boards.
  • Integrate all system functions on one FPGA to increase reliability and lower your manufacturing and maintenance costs.
  • Use the same FPGA design to deploy multiple products efficiently for a faster time to market.
  • Take advantage of the FPGA’s long life cycle to mitigate the risk of obsolescence and to lower replacement costs.


Jason Chiang, Senior Technical Marketing Manager, Altera Corporation
Jason Chiang is a senior technical marketing manager for Altera’s Industrial and Automotive Business Unit, based in San Jose, California. In this role, Jason is responsible for developing marketing strategies and industrial solutions that facilitate the use of FPGAs in industrial applications. Prior to rejoining Altera in 2008, Jason held various product marketing management roles at P.A. Semi and PMC-Sierra. He holds a BSEE from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.