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The new Renesas RH850 architecture delivers high scalability, performance and reliability to automotive systems developers. To get the most from it, developers need to ensure that the growing software content of these applications can also be delivered in time and with the highest level of quality. For this it has become essential for developers to start software development as early as possible and leverage new tools and techniques to increase the developer’s productivity. This webinar will cover how developers of automotive applications based on the Renesas RH850 can leverage the use of Virtual Development Kits (VDKs) to start complex drivers, multicore and AUTOSAR software development today, accelerate system integration and test using a virtual Hardware-in-the-Loop environment and facilitate fault and coverage testing in support of ISO 26262. The webinar will provide developers an introduction to the concepts of virtual prototyping and their application to the Renesas RH850 MCU family through the Renesas Velocity Lab and the Synopsys VDK for Renesas RH850 MCU.

What you will learn:

  • Introduction to Renesas RH850 MCU
  • How to start software development early for the Renesas RH850 MCU
  • Introduction to Virtual Prototyping and VDKs
  • How VDK enable higher productivity for embedded control software design
  • Deploying VDK for Virtual Hardware-in-the-Loop and fault testing


Martin Baker

Martin Baker has 30 years of automotive system and software experience, and has led teams in the UK, Germany and the US. Martin held several key roles at Ford Motor Company, including global lead for embedded software development. He was director of the automotive business unit at Pacific Insight and CEO of Invirtech. Throughout his career he has been closely involved in process and tool innovation to improve software and system development. Martin holds Masters Degrees in engineering (from Imperial College, London) and business administration (from London Business School).

Marc Serughetti

Marc Serughetti is Director of Business Development at Synopsys. He focuses on the development and deployment strategy of VDKs at semiconductor companies in support of internal development and go-to-market strategies as well as their deployment at system companies across a broad set of vertical markets including automotive. He has more than 15 years’ experience in embedded software development technologies from having led product marketing teams at Integrated Systems, Wind River and CoWare. At CoWare, he led the company into the area of virtual prototyping targeting the embedded software community. His experience spans simulation technologies, compilers, IDE, debugging and analysis tools as well as embedded run-time software (Operating Systems, middleware and applications).