In this 45 minute webinar, learn how to use a free online tool to design your multi-rail system power solution in two hours rather than two weeks. After this webinar you will be able to use the System Power tool in EE-Sim to enter your power rail requirements (or upload your FPGA power estimator spreadsheet), flexibly design the right power architecture for your system, choose from customized DC/DC and sequencer recommendations, generate complete documentation with one click, and share your design on-line with the email addresses of your choosing. This webinar is for anyone seeking an easier way to design multi-rail or multi-load systems, including processor, SoC, and FPGA designs.


Thong Huynh
Director of Applications Engineering

Thong Huynh is a Director of Application Engineering at Maxim Integrated. He has more than 20 years’ experience designing switch mode power supplies and defining power management products. Thong holds two patents in the design of switch mode power supplies. Prior to Maxim, Thong worked at Vishay-Siliconix, Artesyn Technology Inc., and OECO Corp.