As existing millimeter wave vector network analyzer systems, which allow for control of port power, becomes obsolete and the need for controlling the port power continues to grow there is an increased need for a solution to meet this measurement capability. In this webcast we will address the reasons for controlling the power at the port of a device and review some of the basic techniques to control power. Following this initial introduction the presentation will focus on the methods adopted in the existing microwave vector network analyzer systems and application to millimeter wave vector network analyzer systems. This first part of the discussion will conclude with an overview of Agilent's implementation of port power control on the performance network analyzer millimeter wave system.

The second part of the webcast focuses on the discussion of true differential signals measurements at millimeter wave frequencies. The increased development in the area of wireless high definition components and the implementation of intelligent cruise control systems requires a measurement of true differential signals at millimeter wave frequencies. This part of the webcast will start with the basic background on the measurement of true differential signals and the key measurement of quality of differential devices. The final part of the discussion will review the world's only true differential millimeter wave vector network analyzer from Agilent Technologies.

So if you are involved in the design of millimeter wave components that require accurate power drive and true differential measurements; then this presentation is for you.

Duration: One hour

Who should view this Webcast:
The target audience for the webcast includes Design and Manufacturing engineers involved in the development of test systems as well as engineering management and products in the millimeter wave frequencies.

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Suren Singh, Application Specialist Business Manager, Agilent Technologies

Suren Singh received his BSEE from University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg South Africa in 1985 and completed his Masters in 1995. Suren has been with the Hewlett-Packard Company and now Agilent Technologies since 1986. His experience at Agilent includes application engineering, product design, manufacturing and test process development for microwave hybrid microcircuits. He currently holds the position of an application specialist business manager focused on the millimeter wave products, and measurements using precision microwave calibration and verification standards.