pmdtechnologies’ and Infineon’s latest 3D Time-of-Flight image sensor enables powerful new applications for mobile such as real-time mixed reality, enhanced photography, 3D object scanning, and room reconstruction. Integrated into the world’s smallest 3D ToF camera modules, the complete solution accurately measures depth in the short and long range with best-in-class resolution and lowest power consumption. Building on this success, the latest joint developments of pmd and Infineon will continue to enable entire new use cases while taking performance and ease of use to the next level. Join the webinar to get a first look!

In this webinar, attendees will learn about:

  • The current state and trends of Time-of-Flight technology adoption in the mobile market and its implications for the development of Mobile Photography, AR-Applications and Secure Face Authentication
  • How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can enable under-display ToF for Secure Face Authentication
  • How specific sensor optimizations can increase sensing performance in challenging use-case scenarios